Topic: Are there people who don’t like wine?

Are there people who don’t like wine?

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  • The other day while my boyfriend and I went to the restaurant with my best friend and her boyfriend, she told me that she never actually liked wine, but that she drank it anyway when she was with other people just because she didn’t want to look strange, or to be left out.

    Now I was a bit shocked to learn this! And I thought about it and I’m sure she’s not the only person doing this… I’m sure there are other people who drink wine just to fit in. But I just can’t understand how it’s possible for an adult to not enjoy wine! Can you?

    Normally I would say that someone who doesn’t like wine has simply never tried it, but it’s not the case with your friend…

    I don’t really understand either how that’s possible. I love wine so much, and there are so many types to discover!

    I think it’s a bit sad that she drinks wine just because she wants to fit in. Hopefully she can find a type of wine that she really likes someday.

    My sister didn’t like wine at first because she thought it was bitter, so I recommended her a Moscato, and she loved it. It’s now her favourite wine, one of a few she has learned to love over time.

    Maybe you could try to find a type of wine your friend would enjoy drinking? Ask her why exactly she doesn’t like wine. For example, she might say that it’s bitter, or too dry. Then, you could visit a website like together, and look at the different white, red, rosé and sparkling wines they have. Read the descriptions of the bottles they have, and try to figure out something your friend could enjoy.

    If she finds one she likes, then she’ll be able to drink wine because she likes it, not because she feels like she has to.

    That’s a good idea, I never thought of that. My boyfriend and I always drink red wine, so I think that even for us it would be nice to try out different types and flavours.

    Well thanks for the tips!

    You’re welcome! I think life is too short to drink something you don’t enjoy drinking 😉

    Yeah I agree! I hope I can help my friend find some wine she’ll love.

    Personally I don’t like wine because I think it tastes bitter, and it leaves kind of a film in my mouth and I don’t like it. I tried a few different types, but I think it’s just not for me. I prefer beer!

    I have a friend who said he didn’t want to drink wine, because according to him people who drink wine are snobs! I told him he was the one who was a snob! We haven’t spoken since. Just kidding, we’re still friends, but we just try to avoid drinking together.

    Ha, that’s funny! I don’t get why anyone would say that… Anybody can drink wine, sure there are bottles that are very expensive and that are probably for rich snobs, but there are a lot of delicious wines that are not expensive at all.

    I just think wine is great, and it’s the perfect complement to an amazing meal.

    Yeah, it goes well with a nice meal, or when you just want to sit back and relax. A glass of wine really helps with relaxing!

    I don’t like wines that are really sour, so I’ve learned to avoid a few types and I focus on the ones that I like.

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