Topic: Have you ever tasted pizza baked in a pizza oven?

Have you ever tasted pizza baked in a pizza oven?

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  • Hi everyone! Pizza is one of my favourite dishes, and most of the time I eat it in restaurants, but sometimes I prepare my own. Yesterday evening, some friends invited us over for dinner, and they baked pizza in their brand new pizza oven.

    I was completely amazed! It was no doubt the best pizza I’ve ever eaten! It was my first time eating pizza fresh out a pizza oven, and I had no idea it would be so good… Now I’m dreaming of the day I can get my own pizza oven.

    I was just so mind-blown by this experience I had to share it. Anyone else ever had pizza fresh from a pizza oven? If not, you’re missing out, really, especially if you love pizza, you need to try this out someday!

    Yes I’ve tried it a few times, and it was really delicious! Pizza is also one of my favourite dishes. 🍕

    Was it an indoor pizza oven? I guess so, because if it was outdoors, it’s a little bit cold these days to use a pizza oven, no? Well, of course pizza ovens produce a lot of heat, but it still won’t melt the snow and warm up the air!

    No, it was an outdoor pizza oven, a portable one, placed on a cart. My friend used it on his porch, and yes it was a cold day, but not too cold. And they just bought the pizza oven so they couldn’t wait until summertime to use it!

    I didn’t know portable pizza ovens existed! That’s so cool!

    I don’t think I ever ate pizza baked in a pizza oven… How is it different? What’s so great about it?

    What’s so great about it? Everything!

    Since it’s a wood fired pizza oven, the pizza gets that awesome smokey flavour that just can’t be reproduced in a kitchen oven. Then, since the pizza bakes very quickly, and I mean veeeryyy quickly, like it only takes a few minutes! the crust and the toppings get all crisp, but all the flavours are locked inside, the cheese is melted to perfection, and everything is just amazing… I think it’s the best way to eat a pizza! I had no idea of what I was missing out, but now that I do I know I’ll either have to buy my own pizza oven… or to go visit my friend more often!

    Ok, that just sounds delicious… I’m hungry now!!

    Where did your friend get his oven? Do you know? I’ve been thinking about getting one, and a portable pizza oven sounds really convenient.

    I didn’t know, so I texted my friend to ask him and he told me the brand is Forno Venetzia, there’s a list of retailers on their website.

    Thanks a lot! Their pizza ovens look really elegant, I’ll keep the name in mind for sure.

    Most restaurants use pizza ovens to bake their pizzas, right?

    I don’t think so… Well, maybe just the restaurants where pizza is the specialty, and I guess they don’t all use wood fired pizza ovens because I swear I never had a pizza as good as the one my friend made!

    What other types of pizza ovens are there?

    Well there’s traditional wood fired ovens, but there’s also electric ovens. And conveyor ovens, I guess those are used in most restaurants where they need to prepare a lot of pizzas everyday.

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