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  • I have a young son who seems to have anxiety issues. I am really worried because I need to eventually take him to child care. I do not know how he will cope. I want him to get the best care and be looked after and even helped when he goes to child care.

    I certainly understand your concerns. My child was also having some issues. She is a lot better now. I too was a little apprehensive when it came to child care.

    Luckily, the place we took her too were really good and helped her a lot. It was pretty worrying but we have some relief knowing she is on the right path. Have you considered getting professional help?

    Where did you take her to? And are you talking about seeing a shrink?

    We take her to Wee Watch in Barrie and yes, I was talking about seeing a child psychologist, psychiatrist or some other therapist. This can be really helpful and can make a world of difference. You could ask your family doctor for a referral.

    I’m not sure I want to go down that route. Isn’t that a little too extreme?

    I don’t see why it is extreme. Are you afraid of the stigma attached to these things? Don’t be. Firstly, you are worried enough to come here to talk about it. You obviously see a problem.

    Secondly, if you don’t do anything, it could get worse. That’s not good for your boy, is it? Child care is one thing. While they are trained and can certainly help make a difference, a qualified medical professional in this field can make a more accurate assessment.

    Then, your son can have proper treatment. This information can be shared with the child care establishment to give him better care.

    OK, that makes sense. I need to discuss this further with my partner.

    Don’t worry about the stigma. I understand what you are saying, but we have come a long way. I am not saying your son has a mental illness, but mental illnesses are taken more seriously now. There is a lot more discussion and openness about it.

    I do have a little knowledge on mental illnesses. It can affect children too. It isn’t an ‘adult thing’. If they do find out the reasons for your son’s anxiety problem, he can be treated and start feeling better. Then you will also feel better.

    The child care place can then come up with a specific way of looking after your boy. This can help him even further. I agree with the first person; getting help sooner rather than later would be the best thing to do.

    Read up on this for any resources:

    You can then speak to a representative from the child care service and see if they can help. My guess is they would have some experience in this. That would put your mind at rest even more. But the main thing is to get your son the help he needs.

    Just remember one thing; no one is really to blame for this. Not your child and certainly not you or your partner. These things happen.

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