Topic: Help me convince my husband he should hire pros to fix our roof!

Help me convince my husband he should hire pros to fix our roof!

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  • Our roof needs to be fixed, and this silly guy I share my life with insists he doesn’t need to call a roofing company, because he and his friends will be able to handle this job.

    I’m so worried! I told him I didn’t want him or them to climb on our roof, I’m just afraid someone will fall and get hurt badly. I tried to convince him he should hire someone to do it, but he tells me that I shouldn’t worry, and that they’ll be careful.

    What can I tell him to convince him to hire a roofing company instead of trying to do it himself?

    You don’t have to worry, I’m sure they’ll take all the precautions possible to not fall off the roof. I already fixed my own roof and everything went fine… As long as they’re not being reckless, they’ll be fine!

    Plus, think of all the money you’ll save if your husband and his friends repair your roof instead of hiring a roofing company!

    I don’t care about saving money! I just want them to be safe… They have no experience doing this kind of work, so I can’t help but be worried.

    People who have no training in roof repair should not go up on a roof. I think you’re right to be worried: it could be dangerous. But if that’s not enough to convince your husband, there are other reasons why DIY roof repair is not a good idea.

    If he and his friends try to repair the roof, and they don’t exactly know what they’re doing, they could do it wrong, or end up damaging another part of the roof in the process. Even worse: it could end up costing a lot more money than if they had simply called in professionals to help and do the job right the first time.

    You’re right… Thank you. I’ll tell this to my husband.

    I think it’s never a good idea to try to fix your roof yourself, because many things can go wrong with a roof… It’s hard to know what the problem is exactly, so it’s even harder to try to fix it.

    Plus you might need to buy equipment and materials to get the job done, so that can end up being pretty expensive, especially if you’re not even sure to get it done right.

    Another good reason to trust pros is that they can surely repair your roof much faster. If your roof is leaking for example, you can’t afford to wait for days or weeks, you need to fix the leak quickly or else you could end up dealing with mold and stuff like that.

    If you hire a roofing company, they should be able to come fix the leak asap. If you want to fix it yourself, you might have to wait for your next day off work, and it might even last more than a day… Not good.

    Those are good arguments! Thank you everyone.

    I want to convince my husband to call Cherry & Clark Roofing instead, I’ve heard a lot of good things about them. And I’d feel a lot better knowing that professional roofers are working on my roof, than if it was my husband and his friends. They’re good with some DIY projects, but I really don’t want to see them on my roof.

    If you can’t convince your husband to let the pros do it, maybe you should call this roofing company anyway!

    Yeah, I think that’s what I’ll do!

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