Topic: How can I show gratitude to my real estate agent?

How can I show gratitude to my real estate agent?

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  • In the last month, my wife and I finally left our small apartment to move into the most wonderful home – our dream home! We’re very excited and we’re feeling so lucky that this has happened.

    The real estate agent who helped us find and buy our home, a very nice lady from Chestnut Park, did such a wonderful job. She understood us perfectly, and made it easier for us to find what we were looking for.

    We would like to find a way to show her our gratitude, and we’d like to do something special for her, but we’re not sure what to do. My wife said we should write her a thank you card, but we feel like this isn’t enough.

    Do you guys have any suggestions of things we could do to show our real estate agent how happy we are with the services she provided us?

    Send her a clown with a bouquet of balloons, who will sing her a thank you song!!

    I’m just kidding of course! I think sending her a handwritten thank you card is a good idea. Maybe you could add a photo of you and your wife in your new home?

    That could be a good idea… Attaching a photo of us, I mean! Not a singing clown, I think that could be a bit… terrifying!

    It’s great that you’re now living in your dream home!

    I think you could send a thank you gift to your real estate agent, to go with that thank you card. It could be a gift basket, a bottle of wine, or some flowers. Or if you know a bit about her hobbies and interests, you could send her a more personalized gift, to show her that you appreciate the work she did for you. That would surely make her happy!

    That’s a great idea! We did share a few good conversations with her, and I think I know of a few things she could like.

    We feel like she really understood us and cared about our needs and about what we wanted, so a personalized gift would show her we care about her too.

    Or you could just send her a thank you card, and then, send her referrals. I think there’s nothing that real estate agents love best than to receive referrals from their satisfied clients.

    She’ll appreciate the fact that you were satisfied with her services, enough to send her a friend or a member of your family. It can be difficult for agents to find clients, so sending her referrals would definitely be a good way to show your gratitude.

    Yes, referrals are always appreciated! Online reviews are appreciated as well. If you can give her a positive review to tell the world how pleased you are with her services, it will be the most valuable gift you could give her, in my opinion.

    Those are amazing ideas as well… We didn’t even think about it! I’ll leave her a review in a moment.

    And my wife and I found a very nice gift basket that contains items that our real estate agent should enjoy. We will send it to her, along with a card to say thank you.

    And if ever I hear that a friend is looking to buy or sell their home, I’ll definitely tell them about our agent. Thank you all for your suggestions!

    No problem! I think it’s great that you’re going out of your way to thank your real estate agent, I’m sure it will make her very happy.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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