Topic: I think there’s a problem with my exhaust fan?

I think there’s a problem with my exhaust fan?

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  • I think there’s a problem with my bathroom exhaust fan, because when I get out the shower there’s water everywhere in the room, on the mirror, on the ceiling, and even the walls are a bit wet!

    The fan used to work well, but now something is wrong and I’m not sure what it could be. Is there a way that I can figure out what’s wrong and fix it, or should I consider buying a new exhaust bathroom fan?

    Maybe there’s an easy way to fix it, but I can’t really help you with that! When I moved into my home last year, the bathroom fan was really awful, and I didn’t feel like wasting my time trying to repair it, so I just bought a new one. I got it from Canarm Ltd, and now it works like a charm.

    If I have no other choice I’ll buy a new one… But first I want to try to find out what the problem is, and if I can fix it. I have a lot of time on my hands!

    There could be a few things responsible for this… Maybe the blades of your exhaust fan are just dirty. If they’re covered with lint, maybe they’re not as efficient as they used to be to draw moisture out of your bathroom.

    To clean them, it’s really easy: just unscrew the cover of the fan, and if you see the blades of the fan are covered in gunk, you should be able to scrape that gunk off with a plastic knife.

    Try this, and let me know if it helps?

    Ok, I did it. There was a layer of sticky lint on the blades, I removed it. Then I started the fan again, and my wife took a bath. I don’t think that was the problem because the bathroom is still full of moisture.

    Alright. Then there’s a few other things you should check… Check if the fan is connected to the exhaust duct. It could be disconnected, if so, connect it and that should fix the problem.

    Then go outside and check if the exhaust vent is clogged. If that little flapper is jammed, you need to remove the debris that are stuck in there.

    Sometimes, bathroom fans are not efficient because there is not enough air entering the room. Try taking a shower with the bathroom door open, and see if there is a change. If that’s the problem, maybe buying a fan with a higher capacity will solve your problem.

    Ok, so I checked if the duct was disconnected, it wasn’t. Then I checked the exhaust vent and it looked clogged. I unclogged it as well as I could, then I made another test. I think things are a bit better, but it’s still not right…

    Oh, next time someone needs to use the shower, we’ll see if keeping the bathroom door open changes anything. But like our fan was working just fine before, so I don’t think the problem is that suddenly, there’s not enough air coming in. But we’ll see…

    A friend of mine had problems with his bathroom fan some time ago, and he said the problem was that the vent pipes were flexible. He had them replaced with rigid pipes, and then things were fine.

    If it can help you, I can ask him more details about this vent pipe thing.

    That’s kind of you, but I think it won’t be necessary. My wife’s cousin is coming over tomorrow, and he has some experience installing and maintaining exhaust fans, so he’ll take a look at ours. If fixing it would be too complicated, I think we’ll just go and buy a new one.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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