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Need natural treatments for breast cancer… Recommendations?

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  • Hi everyone.

    My best friend has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She’s a mother of two, a strong and inspiring woman, and I love her so much! When she told me about her diagnosis, I was shocked, almost more than she was.

    After a few very rough days, she got back up on her feet and she told me she will do anything she can to fight this disease. Her doctor is optimistic, but she’s ready to try different things to make sure she has the best possible odds.

    I often rely on natural treatments when someone in my family gets sick, so I was wondering if any of you knew about an effective natural treatment for breast cancer.

    I’m so sorry to hear that! Cancer is such a horrible disease… I’ll be praying for your friend and I’ll keep her in my thoughts.

    Thank you.

    I’m sure your friend will be able to overcome this. I think it’s important to stay positive and to keep a good morale. Sure, a good morale is not a treatment, but I do believe it makes a difference.

    I’ve heard of IV therapy as a natural treatment for cancer, but I don’t really know much about it. Maybe you should research it to learn more.

    I’m sorry for your friend, and I hope she’ll be alright. But is she thinking about choosing a natural treatment to complete a chemotherapy treatment, or she only wants to go with a natural treatment? I feel like it wouldn’t be really safe to only rely on a natural treatment for breast cancer…

    Thank you.

    She’s not looking forward to chemo, but she will surely do it. However she is interested in learning more about any alternative treatment available, as I said, she wants to give herself the best odds possible.

    My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago, and she’s now in remission, which is great!

    I know that she saw a doctor of naturopathic medicine, but I don’t remember his name, or where he was located or what her treatment was… If you want, I can ask her for more info.

    Oh! Yes, please, that sounds great.

    I heard that IV therapies could help cure cancer, so I guess it should work for breast cancer.

    It’s a form of treatment where they inject vitamins, minerals or other healthy stuff into the veins of a sick person, and it’s supposed to be more effective than taking supplements, since it goes directly in the cells that are in the blood of the person.

    Well I’m not sure if my explanation makes a lot of sense, but you can research it if you want to know more!

    No, I think I understand what you mean just fine, thank you!

    Ok, so I asked my aunt about that natural treatment she had. She told me she saw Dr. Sean Ceaser in his Winnipeg clinic.

    She had IV therapies as well as injections of mistletoe. She explained that mistletoe can destroy cancer cells, but also help the immune system get stronger, which is a good thing for everyone, but even more for cancer patients.

    You should show the website of Dr. Ceaser to your friend, and hopefully these natural treatments will be as effective for her as they were for my aunt.

    Thank you so much! I didn’t know mistletoe could be used as a treatment. I will definitely show Dr. Sean Ceaser’s website to my friend. Thank you everyone.

    You’re welcome! Please let us know how it goes for her.

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