Topic: True or false: Is white wine healthy?

True or false: Is white wine healthy?

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  • I read that red wine is healthy if it is consumed in moderation. How about white wine? Is white wine healthy too? I’m not too keen on red wine. I feel weird if I drink it. White does not bother me as much.

    When it comes to health benefits, my understanding is that red wine is much better than white wine. Sorry, I guess that is not what you wanted to hear.

    However, as you mentioned, it does appear to be healthy too, if consumed responsibly. I guess that means a glass a day should be relatively good for you.

    White wine is healthy, but people have to understand other things. For example, if someone thinks it is healthy, then they may think there is no harm in drinking 4 glasses. The more, the better. That’s not right.

    I think age also plays a part in how you drink wine, as does sex. If you are older, a glass a day should be fine. If you are younger, then perhaps a couple of glasses. I would still say, just stick to one a day.

    If you have health issues, it is best to speak to a doctor first. They may say the same thing, that one glass of wine a day is OK.

    I don’t really have any health issues, but one glass of wine per day seems like a pretty good rule of thumb.

    Just one glass? Is that enough to quench your thirst though? Hahaha.

    I’m not so sure that any of this is scientifically proven. However, I know of doctors who have said a glass, even every day, is alright. I think more studies have been done on red wine which appears to be the better of the two. Then again, white wine is also healthy if you don’t go over the top.

    I believe there are specific antioxidants only in white wine which help to make it healthy too. Phenols in wine, red and white, help to reduce inflammation. This can apparently benefit heart health. The antioxidants in white wine (and I suppose red too), have favourable results when it comes to heart health. So, I guess the answer to your question is yes, white wine is healthy too. Is it healthier than red? From what I understand, it probably isn’t.

    It looks like everyone here says red is better. This is what I heard too. However, I’ve heard white is good as well. Perhaps white wine gets a bit of a bad rap because more attention and studies have been paid to red wine.

    Perhaps one day, they will say white is better! While white wine is healthy, people really need to be very careful. The thing is, it can be easy to lose oneself in all this. White wine can cause weight gain and that won’t be a good thing.

    I actually get cases of wine delivered to me from They are very helpful and have good customer service. I can contact them and ask them this very question. They have been in this trade for a while, so I’m sure they will know more about this. Perhaps they can even make recommendations in terms of weight gain, calories, etc.

    I’d like to know too, so maybe I can post an update later. Or I could send you a private message!

    Send me a private message! I would love to know more! Thanks!

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