Topic: What should I do with my old dining room furniture?

What should I do with my old dining room furniture?

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    We just bought a new set of dining room furniture from The Art Shoppe. It looks fantastic! It really changed the look of our dining room, and I think that change was long overdue.

    But now, we’re wondering what we should do with our old dining room furniture… It can still be used, but it looks worn out and aged…and not in a good way! It looks sad and tired, but I would feel bad throwing it away.

    Does anyone have suggestions of what I should do with my old dining room furniture?

    If it’s still in good condition, you could try to sell it. Either to someone you know, or you could place an ad online in Craigslist to see if someone could be interested.

    Or if no one wants to buy it, and you don’t really need the extra money, you could just donate it. Check if there are charities in your city that accept donations of used furniture.


    I don’t know if I’d be able to sell it… Maybe to someone who is desperate for affordable dining room furniture, and doesn’t really care what it looks like! Because it seriously looks bad, the paint is all chipped, and there are some weird stains that just won’t come off no matter what I do.

    I think I would even feel bad donating it to charity in this condition…

    If the only problem is that it looks bad, why not paint it? Or perhaps stain and refinish it? If you like DIY projects, just go online to look for inspiration of what you could do to transform an old dining room table, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of ideas!

    I like The Art Shoppe, I bought dining room furniture and living room furniture from them last year!

    I agree that you could paint your furniture… Then when it looks brand new, you could either keep it, or sell or donate it. You would probably be able to ask for a better price if it’s painted to make it look like it’s brand new, than if you were trying to sell it while it looks crappy!


    Hey, that’s a great idea! I’m not sure I’d be able to make it look like it’s brand new, but I could make it look better for sure… Then it would be a lot easier to find someone interested in buying it. Thanks!

    Or if you have enough space in your home, you could keep your old dining room furniture and repurpose it… maybe after repainting it!

    For example you could use your table and a chair for a home office, or for a game room… If you have an old buffet, you could use it for storage in your basement, or maybe in your living room…

    If you lack space, you could get rid of your table and buffet by selling or giving them away, and maybe keep just your old chairs. They could be useful if you have extra guests for dinner!


    Those are good ideas too! I don’t think I have enough space to keep my old table, but I could keep at least 2 chairs, and repurpose my buffet for storage in the basement.

    But first, I’ll paint them. I found some tutorials online to change the look of an old table, and I want to give it a try.

    That’s nice! I hope you have fun doing it. It’s great that you can enjoy brand new dining room furniture, while still giving some love to your old set!


    Yeah, I would feel bad just throwing it away… it’s been ours for many years and it’s associated with a lot of fun memories!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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