Topic: Why do many people choose cremation?

Why do many people choose cremation?

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  • I feel like more and more people are saying they want to be cremated after their death, and it’s something I don’t really understand… The idea of my body being burnt and turned to ashes is just so weird to me!

    Do you know if there are any advantages to cremation? Or do you think that you would like to be cremated, and if so, why?

    It will be cremation for me, for sure! You say the idea of your body being burnt is weird to you… but to me, the idea of my body being buried and then rotting inside a box is very, very creepy. I’d rather being turned into a pile of ashes, than getting eaten up by worms and who knows what else!

    Well yes, that’s a little creepy… But I think decomposition is just natural, it’s something more normal than being cremated.

    A few years before my grandfather died, he asked us to research funeral homes that offered direct cremation for an affordable price. He chose Aftercare. It was very important to him, he wanted to be cremated because he didn’t want his body to remain and slowly rot. He told me it was also a question of money to him, he didn’t want us to be stuck with any big financial burden for his funeral, he wanted something simple and quick.

    Of course, now I have no idea if he was satisfied with the way his funeral was planned, but I like to think that he is. We did our best to respect his wishes.

    I would never choose to be cremated. To me, it’s important when a loved one dies that the whole family can gather around their coffin for a last goodbye.

    Our body is the last reminder that we leave for our loved ones. I feel that when someone gets cremated, an important step is missing for those who are left behind and need to grieve.

    I understand what you mean, but when someone chooses cremation, they can still choose to first be exposed in a casket for a traditional funeral ceremony. Or they can choose to be cremated first, and to have the funeral with only the urn. It all depends on what the person wants.

    Oh that’s interesting, I didn’t know that. I thought that when you want to be cremated, you can’t be exposed in a casket.

    Is it true that when you’ve been cremated, your family can keep your ashes in an urn, or they can scatter them someplace meaningful if that’s something you wanted them to do?

    Yes, it’s true. I think that’s nice, you can for example ask for your ashes to be scattered in a forest, so instead of ending up in a cemetary you kind of become a part of a forest! Or you can have them scattered in the ocean, or maybe from the top of a mountain.

    I think one of the biggest advantages of cremation vs embalming and burying a body is that it gives more flexibility for the family of the deceased. What I mean is that when people choose to be buried, they have to be embalmed quickly after their death, and then the burial must follow quickly.

    If the family of the deceased lives far away, maybe many of them won’t have time to make it to the funeral… But if that person has been cremated, it gives the family more time to grieve and to decide what kind of ceremony they want, and when, and where, since the ashes won’t decompose, they will remain the same forever.

    That’s interesting… Thanks!

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