Topic: Why was my mental illness claim turned down?

Why was my mental illness claim turned down?

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  • I was pretty upset when my insurance claim was turned down. I have a mental illness which is bad enough. I need help and I felt like I was smacked in the face.

    Anyone know why these are sometimes turned down? OK, I know there are probably con artists out there. But what about people with genuine cases like me?

    I went through a similar situation a few years ago. Try not to get upset. You can try to do something about it. I know how unfair it is, perhaps more than most.

    Don’t think it is over. Don’t just accept it and move on. You need to do something about it. I will give you the name of a law company that helped me. Contact Yazdani Law Office to help you out.

    The lawyer that I mentioned will find a good, independent psychiatrist to assess you. This is part of the lawsuit process, so don’t worry. Contact them to find out more.

    These insurance people still don’t get it. They want to see your leg missing before they admit your disability. That’s why it is hard when it comes to mental illness. I really don’t think it is taken in the same context. People probably still make jokes behind the back.

    Anyway, for things like psychiatric disabilities, sometimes insurance companies do not think it is severe or debilitating enough.

    Sometimes, it can be turned down because of insufficient evidence. For example, even if you and your family and friends know you have a problem, that is not good enough.

    You must have medical proof. So, let’s just say that you have seen a doctor and have been treated for it, this is proof. Taking medication for it is proof.

    However, even with such proof, your claim can still be rejected. I have no idea how these insurance people think. They just don’t like forking out the money, I suppose. With the help of a good lawyer, one who specializes in disability insurance, you can take up the fight and hopefully turn it around in your favour.

    If you don’t get the right treatment, or if you do not play your part, you can be turned down. For example, seeing your family doctor is not the right treatment.

    You need to see a specialist, such as a psychiatrist. There may be certain therapies involved. There may be medication involved. If you refuse to take medication, it will hurt your case. There are people who do not take their medication as regularly as they should.

    If this is the case, you can hardly blame the insurance if you get turned down. It is important for you to play your part and it must be documented.

    I want to add something else I just remembered. Occasionally, you may be rejected because of a mental illness you’ve had for a long time.

    During this time, you may have had jobs. The insurance company may argue that you could work then, so why not now? While logically, they may have a point, what they fail to understand is that your situation could have got worse.

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