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Winter maintenance tips for my deck

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  • We had Royal Decks design and install a brand new deck for us this summer, so this is going to be its first winter.

    It’s our first time with a hardwood deck, we only had a small plastic deck before, so I was wondering if there was anything I needed to do to take care of our new deck this winter. Any winter maintenance tips for hardwood decks?

    Well first, congrats on getting your new deck! I should get a new one this next summer… I hope so.

    One thing I know is that it’s important to not just let your deck furniture standing there all winter long. You should store your furniture in your garage instead (you’re not going to sit on those chairs while it’s cold outside anyway!) or if you don’t have enough room to store them, leave them on your deck and carefully cover them. The reason for that is that your furniture can damage your deck during the winter, and moisture will accumulate around them and that’s not good for the deck surface.

    If you have planters on your deck, you should also store those for the cold season.

    Thank you, I thought about storing the furniture but not our decorative planters!

    I guess it might be too late for that this year, but it’s recommended to thoroughly clean your deck before the first snowfall. Since your deck is brand new you won’t need to refinish it before at least a few years I guess, but when you’re ready to refinish it in the future, you should do that before snow comes if you can.

    If there’s only one thing you have to remember, it’s that wooden decks DON’T love metal shovel!! You do have to clear snow with a shovel , but use a plastic shovel, not a metal one. I did that because I had no idea, and my shovel scratched the surface all winter long, and I only noticed it in the spring… I was so angry at myself!

    If there’s only a bit of snow on your deck, but you want to remove it, you might be able to do it with a push broom instead of a shovel, it’s easy and convenient!

    Oh, and I only have a large metal shovel! That’s good to know, I’ll go buy a plastic one. I definitely don’t want to damage the surface of my deck. Thank you!

    You also have to remember that wooden decks don’t like salt. If there’s ice on your deck, don’t sprinkle salt or a calcium chloride product on it like you would do on your icy driveway. Sure, it would melt the ice, but it would also discolour and damage your deck.

    If you want to use a deicer, make sure you’re buying a product that’s recommended for wooden decks.

    Ok, that’s good to know. But what about sand? Can I sprinkle sand on my deck if there’s an ice buildup?


    It’s better to use sand than salt… But be careful with it, because it could scratch the surface of the wood.

    I’d say it’s best to prevent ice buildups in the first place, and you can do that by shoveling the snow off your deck after each snowfall.

    Or, if you don’t want to clear your whole deck, you could only clear a pathway that goes from your home to the end of your deck. It will take less time than trying to keep the whole deck snow-free.

    Ok, I guess I’ll do that. Thank you!

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